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When you need information, you head to the library. When you need legal information, you head to Mass Law Online, the number one massive online law library.

Our Mission

At Mass Law Online, our mission is to become the largest source of accurate legal information in the United States. We want to bring you legal information on laws from around the country including criminal, family, personal injury, tax, bankruptcy, employment, and estate law. Why look for legal information anywhere else, when you can find everything you need in one place?

What Kinds of Legal Information Do We Provide?

All Americans are expected to abide by the laws of our country, but with ever-changing laws, it can be difficult to keep up. Legal jargon can be confusing, and statutes are almost impossible for the average person to decipher. Most people turn to lawyers for help figuring out complex legal issues, but now you can learn about the laws that affect you using Mass Law Online.

We cover a wide range of laws in various legal fields. From traffic laws to criminal laws, we’ve got you covered. Below, are a few of the legal topics we cover:

  • Breakdowns of statutes from around the country
  • Changes in legislation you should know about
  • How to know when you have a civil claim and how to go about filing a civil case
  • Understanding the criminal justice system and the penalties associated with different types of crimes
  • Learn about traffic laws in your community and understand how traffic tickets can affect your driving record.
  • Charged with a drunk driving offense in your state? Learn about the possible defenses that can help you avoid a conviction.
  • Know which states are tough on drug crimes
  • Find updated information on tax law.
  • Going through a divorce? We have the information you need about filing for divorce, seeking custody of children, and obtaining spousal support payments.
  • Confused about how to obtain a business license? We can help.

When you need to learn about a law that affects you, it can be challenging to find the information you need quickly. Mass Law Online can provide you with useful information that can help you to face whatever legal challenge you’re dealing with, so that you can move on with your life.

Finally, the Online Law Library You’ve Been Looking For

Mass Law Online, the law library with “massive” amounts of legal information at your fingertips. Learn about laws that impact your life from the comfort of your own home.