The Importance Of A Car Accident Lawyer Austin Specialist

Austin is among the fastest growing cities in the US with nearly a million calling it home. This is largely due to the excellent economy in the region and the incredible opportunities in the city itself. Many of the Fortune 500 companies are based here, after all. These include a number of tech giants and other household names. It’s also safe here with the FBI ranking it second among major cities. One downside to this rapid growth and development is the increase of cars on the roads. This not only worsens traffic but also raises the risk of a serious accident collision. If you were recently involved in one, the call a car accident lawyer Austin specialist for assistance.


Motor Vehicle Crash Facts

In 2015, the Texas Department of Transportation was able to record over 246,000 injuries due to crashes all over the state. Of this figure, more than 17,000 people were seriously affected. Their lives suddenly changed because of split second errors. Based on these numbers, one person was injured every two minutes and 8 seconds on the streets of Texas. This is definitely alarming statistics. Authorities must do more to reduce these numbers for the safety of the public. In the meantime, the victims will be compensated as prescribed by law. Having a good lawyer improves their chances of getting just compensation for damages.


Statute of Limitations in Texas

While victims are entitled to damages, they also have to comply with limits regarding lawsuits of this nature. The statute of limitations for personal injury cases including those due to car accidents in Texas says that the claim must be filed within two years of the incident. Beyond this period, people can no longer sue the person at fault. There are some exceptions to this but it is always best to err on the side of caution. Note that the deadline is for the filing of the case in court. The actual duration of the hearings may go beyond this, though most can be completed much earlier.

Two years is a generous timeframe. It allows victims to recover well enough from the physical and mental trauma before plunging into a legal battle. Experts encourage filing the case at the soonest possible time to increase the chances of success. Eye witnesses may be harder to harder to find if the hearings are delayed. Their memories of the accident will also fade and the defense attorneys will use this to discredit their testimonies. Crucial pieces of evidence may also be more difficult to come by. At the very least, inform your lawyer immediately so that the legal strategy can quickly be formulated.

What to Do After an Accident

Don’t leave your car in the middle of the road. If you can, move it to the side and park it there so that other motorists can pass through. Otherwise the collision could result in a massive traffic jam. Report the incident to the police so that they can come and investigate the matter. Their findings will be crucial in the court proceedings. If anybody was hurt, call an ambulance to rush them to the nearest hospital. Apply first aid if you were trained to do so. Never neglect injured persons. Provide any form of assistance that is within your power.

Keep calm. Gather as much information as you can on the site. Exchange insurance details with the other driver so that you can file claims for your injuries as well as the damage to your vehicle. All motorists in Texas are required to carry liability insurance before they can get their license. They also have to maintain this and carry the pertinent documents with them whenever they are driving. This should cover at least $30,000 of the medical expenses of each injured person. The lower limit for property damage coverage is $25,000. If your bills exceed their policy limits, then they will pay the balance with their own money.

If you can move around, then try to snap some photos. Note the points of collision on the vehicles as well as important landmarks. Piece together how it all happened. Record all the damage sustained by the car. Have it checked by a mechanic and get the issue written down along with the estimates for repairs. Go to a hospital for a thorough examination whether or not you are bleeding. You may have sustained wounds that are not immediately apparent. The trauma may have affected internal organs and internal bleeding could ensue. Store all of the lab reports, bills, and other documents related to this.

Getting a Car Accident Lawyer Austin Specialist

The first step in getting compensation is to prove that you are the victim and the other driver is at fault. This can get tricky if this assertion is challenged in court. In a lot of collisions, both parties will claim to be the victim. It will then be necessary to lay out all of the evidence that will support your allegation and back these up with testimonies from eye witnesses. Find a seasoned lawyer who has handled countless cases in the city with great success. You will need a good strategy to ensure that the judge will rule in your favor.


Sometimes the defense will ask for a negotiated settlement. You have the power to agree to this or not. You can have greater confidence if your lawyer is an expert negotiator who can squeeze the best deal for you through this channel. Lawyers can also help with insurance claims to make sure that you get the amount you deserve in full. There are lots of firms specializing in personal injury cases in Austin so you have a lot of choices. Most offer free initial consultation which you should seize to find the best candidate.

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