Can You Sue for a Dog Bite?

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If you’ve never been attacked or bitten by a dog before, you may not even realize there are laws concerning injuries caused by dogs, particularly dog bites. It’s important you know your rights, so you will know what to do when bitten by a dog. The law in most states allows you to sue to recoup damages if a dog bites you and causes you harm.

Damages are things like medical bills, physical pain, lost income, mental distress, or permanent injury. Suing the dog owner could allow you to receive money to pay for all of your losses and for the experience itself. The dog owner is liable for their pet’s actions, in most instances. Here are a few examples of how a dog bite could occur.

Dog Bite Examples

Example one:

You are staying at a hotel and walking down the hallway when a dog rushes out of a room and bites you on the leg. The dog’s owner had left the door open slightly by accident. The dog was able to escape and bit you because it felt threatened by you, although you were doing nothing wrong.

Example two:

Walking down the street in your own neighborhood, you notice a large dog is loose. You turn around to stay away from the dog but it sees you and comes running after you. The dog leaps on you and knocks you to the ground. You sustain a head injury, lacerations, and bite wounds. 

Suing for a Dog Bite Injury

Dog owners are known to think their pets are angels, and they can be negligent with regard to the safety of others. They may let their dog off the leash. They may not make a lot of effort to secure their pets. Whatever the case may be, the dog’s owner can be held legally responsible for their pet’s actions.

Suing the dog owner requires proving the dog attacked you. You could use statements from witnesses, photos of your bite wounds, video of the attack, your own account of what happened, or other types of evidence to prove your case.

If you prove your case, the dog’s owner could be required to pay you for your losses. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you could be owed a lot of money.

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