Watch Your Back: The Danger Is at Your Workplace

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Most people have heard the term “workers compensation,” but they may not fully understand what workers comp is. It’s a type of insurance coverage that your employer is required by law to obtain. The goal of workers comp insurance is to provide monetary protection to those who’ve been injured on the job.

In the past, the only way for injured workers to receive compensation after a work injury was to sue their employer. They also had to prove that the employer’s negligence contributed to the injury. With workers comp laws workers don’t have to prove negligence. In fact, the worker could be the one who caused the accident and still receive compensation.

Why Is Workers Compensation Necessary?

People spend a lot of time at their workplaces, and some types of jobs are inherently dangerous. Although you love your job and the work you do, doesn’t mean you should suffer financially if you’re injured at work. When employers have workers comp insurance, you can rest easier knowing that you’re protected if the worst happens.

Some types of industries are more dangerous than others. Factory work, construction, manufacturing, warehouse jobs, and logging work are just a few examples of industries that cause injury accidents regularly. Nevertheless, all jobs can cause injuries or illnesses for workers, and you deserve to receive monetary compensation while you recover.

A construction worker in Iowa received injuries during construction work while operating a drill. This injured worker represents one example of when a worker can file a work comp claim. That worker can submit a claim with their employer’s work comp insurance company to receive payment for lost income and medical expenses. 

That worker may want to hire a workers comp attorney in Iowa for assistance with the claim to ensure that the claim isn’t denied.

If you’ve been injured on the job, chances are you are owed compensation through a workers compensation claim. Claims can be difficult for the average person to file, so get help if necessary. Injured workers have every right to receive their workers compensation benefits when they’ve been hurt on the job. 

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